A newer participant presented today with the usual suspects – pain, tension, repetitive stress injuries and feeling rather limited within their body. As I began their obnosis, they expressed something more – an unusual suspect – emotional pain.

Since an extended session was booked for other purposes, I asked if we might switch our game plan and target this. The time couldn’t be better as the feeling was immediate and present as well as rather intense.

We combined three processes and ended with the Alphabiotic cerebral re-integration process.

On leaving she said ‘I feel better!’ with an expression that was half surprise, half joy.

I was joyful, but not surprised…

This experience drove home a lesson I have observed repeatedly: You can live with any non-life-threatening situation if you are happy. It could be anything – muscle pain and tension or somatic dysfunction. It could be diabetes or kidney dialysis.  It could be eczema or an iron lung. I don’t care what your situation is — if you are happy, you can abide it in difficult circumstances, a difficult environment, or even health challenges.  It will not stop you from carrying on, and from being your possibility in the world.

It seems so counterintuitive and is certainly the opposite of how we live our lives, yet HAPPINESS is not a function of our condition or our surroundings — the things we spend most of our life trying to change. Happiness is generated from within. It is a spiritual quality. This is apparently a secret to life and a wonderful truth.

An Unusual Suspect- Boston Alphabiotic Blog…And this is why I love Alphabiotics so much. It’s part of what makes our approach so special. By combining immediate access to higher states of consciousness and allowing you to function biomechanically, symmetrical and horizontal against gravity, and at the same time powerfully activating the parasympathetic self-healing responses, you get more. Instantly.

How does it get better than that?


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