How is the Alignment performed?
FAQs - How is an Alignment performed
The Alignment involves several elements only an Alphabioticist is trained to perform and certified to deliver:
  •  The participant makes himself comfortable on a specially designed couch
  •  Brain stress levels are established using a sophisticated bio-mechanical test
  • A singular movement commencing at the occiput releases stress instantly
  • A retest confirms the result to the member’s satisfaction

The process creates a stress pattern interrupt prompting the nervous system to conduct a systems check. Because you were designed for whole brain function in alpha, this is the mode it defaults to.

The location, amplitude, speed and direction of the movement all combine to make the process safe and effective. It is completed in just seconds and you will feel and see the results immediately.

Is Alphabiotics Safe?

Yes – absolutely. I have personally experienced the Alignment hundreds of times over the past ten years and delivered it thousands of times.

Please consider the following facts:
FAQs 1920's by Dr. Virgil Chrane Sr.

  • That it is safe is intuited by your own body. Far from engaging the stress response (the sympathetic ‘fight or flight’ mechanism, accompanied by an adrenaline rush, anxiety, elevated heart rate, frequent, shallow respiration, etc.) the Alignment prompts one’s nervous system to enter the parasympathetic ‘growth and repair’ mode, accompanied by reduced brain frequencies, a dramatic drop in tension, full abdominal breathing and a profound state of relaxation and awareness.
  • Since it was discovered in the 1920’s by Dr. Virgil Chrane Sr. the process has been employed countless millions of times the world over.
  • Board certification in Developmental Alphabiotics may only be sought after completing a closely supervised and rigorous training that includes hours of practical (hands on) training. Schooling takes place on location at the Alphabiotics Academy in Dallas, TX and approaches a year in length, with mandatory recertification every 12 months thereafter.

I personally see clients that will not allow a Chiropractor near their neck, yet love Alphabiotics. Why? Because the Alignment involves no twisting, bending or jerking. It is in line with the body, making it feel natural and welcome. There is no school of Chiropractic that teaches this process and that is true for several reasons. Two of these: 1) It is very difficult to learn. 2) It does not expressly concern itself with the ‘adjustment’ of any part of the cervical spine (though it often resolves subluxations naturally). So you may decide if Alphabiotics is right for you, we always demonstrate the Alignment before performing it.

FAQs Alphabiotics is not a religion

Is Alphabiotics a religion?

Absolutely not. Years ago there were Alphabioticists who chose to organize themselves in churches to achieve specific legal objectives. Today, Alphabioticists structure their practices as private membership associations. Learn more.

More questions?

You are doing your homework. We are here to help. Alphabiotics is the most scientific alternative/complementary helping system available. It is evidence based, duplicatable and most importantly – it works. Get your questions answered. Contact us here or phone 617 930 2133 (Boston, Massachusetts). Participation limited. Membership qualifications apply. Contact center for details.

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