Imagine being your best, every day – without stimulants or prescriptions.  Yes, it is possible.  You can gain access to your ‘other self’ – the one you know exists, but you just haven’t seen in a very long time.

Brain Waves Patterns

Brain Waves Patterns

Consider the brain wave patterns on the right. The left EEG depicts an individual in a brain stress state with a right hemisphere so inactive it looks to have sustained a TIA (mini stroke). This is key to understanding why you may be (and even feel) limited on many different levels.

Alphabiotics offers a solution

Now consider the brain wave pattern on the right. It shows a dramatic reduction in operating speed, from Beta frequencies of 15 Hz and higher, to Alpha frequencies of 8 to 14 Hz. The most astonishing result is complete restoration of all productive frequencies to the right brain – the one that was experiencing ‘brown out’. This has an enormous impact on the person’s relationship to stress and their ability to access the body’s innate intelligence that is able to resolve even the most difficult physical and emotional challenges.

Immediate, demonstrable results


The left brain controls the right half of your body. The right brain controls the left half. What do high stress levels on the left brain and ‘brown out’ on the right brain look like on the body? As you might imagine the left side of your body will be weak and your right side will be tense. Because the brain controls everything, the Alphabiotic Alignment creates dramatic physiological changes – no matter which hemisphere is dominant. The result is strength in weak areas and a drop in tension – instantly. This alone is outstanding, but there is much more…

  • Alphabiotics is a hands on process that involves no drugs, meditation or machinery.
  • Benefit from whole brain – full alpha function, reclaiming energy wasted on the stress response.
  • Members report physical, mental and emotional renewal.
  • Sessions are brief and affordable.

Learn more about our clinically proven, hands-on technique…

Alphabiotics is changing lives. How might it change yours? To learn better what this exciting process might do for you, phone 617 930 2133 (Boston, Massachusetts) or contact us. Participation limited. Membership qualifications apply. Contact center for details.

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