Dr. Paul James Testimonial

To Clark Happy New Year Thank you for spreading light thoughout my body and helping me heal. May this give you healing inspiration and keep you in touch with creation. All good things. Laura

Laura Walker Book Cover 2015 The Wild Cat Fantasy Art Boston Alphabiotics To Clark Happy New Year Thank you for spreading light thoughout my body and helping me heal. May this give you healing inspiration and keep you in touch with creation. All good things. Laura

June 19, 2015 – After experiencing Alphabiotics, trigger point release and homeopathy during an extended session, one client calibrated at a much higher state of consciousness and was inspired to write the following:

Holly Moulton Testimonial 061915

~ HM


Ben Eversage Testimonial - thank you so much for your compassionate call to touch base. Sleep has been wonderful. My mind is much more peaceful. I am much less stressed

I feel refreshed after each alignment. Clark educated me on Alphabiotics and I was very impressed by his knowledge. His alignments are one of the best ways to get balance in your life. Highly recommended.

~ Sawik Deshpande   

Every time after the alignment, I can explicitly feel that the strength of my left hand and leg become much stronger than before. It's amazing because I have no idea where my strength come from.

~ Jim Chai   

My body hurts for about 10 minutes after seeing my chiropractor. After the Alignment, it actually feels better!

~ PB, Jr   

Hey clark i wanted to thank u i dont know exactly what u did but its made a miraculous difference not just physically but mentally. Which is wierd i just feel happier less stresses or tensed. Its great and i thank u good sir - JH (participant came with crutches but forgot them on leaving)

~ JH (event participant)   

I put on jeans now!

~ TH   

I've been to a lot of Chiropractors in my life. This was the most comfortable I've ever felt. I didn't just feel it in my neck, but down my whole back. - After first session.

~ NP   

When I left I really felt better.

~ KB   

This is the first time I have experienced no pain since my auto accident (7 years ago). - Before third session.

~ NP   

It effected me really deeply. In a good way.

~ SS   

I feel lighter, looser and younger. My body has that 'post yoga' feeling all the time. And, I feel taller, too!

~ JAK   

I can't explain it, but something happened!

~ NC   

It's working. I noticed from here down no more pain (motioning to his back toward his knees). I usually tuck my kids in at night and feel the pain. I jumped out of their bed and landed on my feet. I didn't hurt. My wife asked 'since when do you go jumping out of bed like that?' It was then I realized how much the Alignment had benefitted me.

~ FF   

I'm trying to absorb the work. It's profound. It really slows things down. - After first session.

~ JK   

This is what Chiropractic should feel like! - After second session.

~ JK   

I feel like dating again!

~ TH   

I wanted to thank you Clark for your kindness and care yesterday. I so appreciated it and I felt safe being with you. I spent most of the day sleeping and am feeling somewhat stronger physically and emotionally. enjoy your weekend.

~ SF   

Clark, my neck has better range of motion now and the pain is going down, thank you.

~ MR   

My surgeon said I set a record for healing time!

~ TH   

I feel civilized.

~ Antonia Spiliakos   

I need to be doing this.

~ JC   

Hi Clark, really appreciated the alignment yesterday, felt resources being redirected where needed immediately. In the future I can't afford not to get aligned! Thanks

~ BM   

I feel much better than when I came in!


It tickles!

~Marvin Bojkov, 11 years old   

Thank you so much for fitting me in -- I feel so much better. I have a favor - can you connect me with the Alphabiotics person in Las Vegas? I want to get as many alignments as possible.

~ DR   

Thank you so much Clark for today. I feel much better. I tried lying down and moving around and there is less pain. I hope it lasts:) Have a fantastic weekend.

~ NS   

My knees don't ache. My shoulder is getting better, too!

~ OO   

When I saw myself in the mirror it looked like I had a face lift!

~ BA   

I felt great today. I've done a lot of Chiropractic in my life. This is WAY better. – Before second session.

~ NP   

Just appreciating you for all the assistance and help through my journey. You are a brother to me. (Participant 5 years)

~ ST   

My math skills are coming back.

~ ET   

I feel completely new!

~ MR   

Thank goodness I was able to see Clark the other day. Everything turned around for me. My back is almost 100% better. I got immediate relief. I've been doing the stretch he showed me. I'll keep that one in my routine from now on

~ Faith Hanson   

My libido came back really strong. It's amazing!

~ SD   

Mom asked me if I was taking my antihistamine. I said "Nope. Don't need that anymore."

~ LB   

I noticed a big difference in my trigger finger. And my other wrist felt much better too!


I just realized I haven't needed any pain killers for menstrual cramping since January!

~ TS   

You fixed my back!

~ Susan Weld   

I was able to work in my yard! Can I bring my wife?

~ SD   

It's wonderful to find something that works!


Has anyone told you today that what you do is AMAZING?

~ EP   

I'm felt happy driving away and I could bend my knees. That's a big deal!

~ DM   

I feel great right now!

~ SC   

I feel happy! People keep asking me, "Why are you so happy?"

~ MG   

I was able to do things at Yoga yesterday I have NEVER done before!


Hey Clark, I just wanted to thank you for really helping me get a great night sleep last night. I hope you're having a happy Saturday. Cheers.

~ Carolyn   

I can't believe how differently my brain processes my parents.

~ MG   

My jaw's not clicking at all today.

~ LM   

I got totally blissed out by that first one...

~ CA   

I've been feeling a lot calmer.

~ PM   

I can't believe how much better I'm feeling. No, I'm serious! It's amazing.

~ BK   

I was able to run for the first time in years. You are amazing!

~ CT   

I feel much better than when I came in! Well, that's what I'm talking about!

~ TM   

[The] Reboot is better than drugs!"


Wow, I feel so much better. The last one wasn't as deep, but it felt like it took a [fish] hook out of me.

~ CT   

Thanks so much Clark...using these like mantras. And I really like the Psych K process we did.

~ SF   

This is magic work!

~ DM   

I feel like 18 again. The sky is the limit!

~ SC   

I haven't felt this good in years!!

~ CP   

I'm so glad I met you, Clark. I always feel good after I come here.

~ ST   

What did you do...LOL my back feels so much better. I hope I can hold it! Thank you. Have a great weekend!

~ DM   

CR: How did you sleep? CT: Really good. I didn't wake up at all. I normally wake up 3 or 4 times a night.

~ CT   

I feel so good. I feel like a million dollars!

~ SA   

The last time I was there was so great haven't had any issues yet!

~ AC   

My posture is so much better!

~ JP   

I can't remember the last time I bought a bottle of Tylenol or Advil.

~ AS   

I don't know if it's a coincidence, but my back pain is completely gone!

~ NS   

I'm out of pain for the first time in two years. I am crying with relief and deep gratitude.

~ JG   

...See you sooner than later

~ D   

I don't know what it does, but it's working!

~ RM   

I slept like a baby last night and slept most of the night. I felt great today and even went for a very long walk with some discomfort, but not much in my knees, hip and back. Thank you and look forward to seeing you again. (After first session)

~ XX   

This is amazing, thank you so much. I want to tell you that after my session my fever totally went away along with the pressure in my head and sinuses. When I got back to work the first thing the girls said was how "alive" I looked compared to when I left .I was very pale faced and my lips were totally bleached of color. By the time I got back from our session, my voice had come back and all of my chills had disappeared. I think I finally sold them on it!!! Thank you so much!!!!

~Lizzie Lund   

Hi Clark, I felt so aligned and connected to God a It was extremely benificial to my overall state of mind. Thanks so much. - By text message

~ FE   

I was going to call you and let you know I slept so well. Like a princess. It's really working for me.

~ LP   

I feel so happy, I don't know what to do!

~ KM   

I'm facing more challenges and difficulties in my life now than ever before, yet feeling stronger than ever.

~ NS   

My body worker is amazed because for the first time ever I keep showing up with my top two cervical vertebrae in place. He asked if I was doing anything different. I said "I'm seeing Clark!"

~ JR   

Lydia Behrend Properties Testimonial - I trust Clark, trust his gentle but firm hands, and his understanding of Alphabiotics.




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