Alphabiotics! What's That?

“Alphabiotics! What’s that?” Of course, this is the question I am most frequently asked. I have learned to answer very simply: “Alphabiotics is the applied science of stress relief and recovery”.  But, does that answer mean anything to anyone?

My mind begins to race. What can I say next? Does he or she have any idea how destructive stress is? How it effects your body, mind and spirit? Does this person even believe they have a problem with stress?

You may be wondering why I should care if the person relates to my message. Well, how do you feel when you see someone driving on a flat tire? Don’t you want to let them know? Few things are more frustrating than knowing you have a way to really help someone when they don’t even realize there is a problem.

Alphabiotics effortlessly resolves a basic issue limiting most people but of which they are entirely unaware. Whether they realize it or not, their nervous system is running the incorrect ‘program’. The program we are talking about is a slow and silent killer. Left unchecked, it results not only in accelerated aging, but may lead to a plethora of disease, disorder and unnecessary heartache.

The ‘program’ of which I speak is called the stress response. It’s primitive ‘software’ designed to ensure your survival in an emergency situation. If at this point, you are thinking ‘I don’t have stress’ or ‘my stress is under control’ or ‘I have no emergency’ you would be in good company – I hear this often.

Alphabiotics! What's That? First is Worst
First is Worst

The shocking truth, however, is that the most insidious and destructive stress of all is chronic, low-level stress. This is where the stress response is in low gear. That means you may not sense it and there in lays the danger.

Please consider this: The Centers for Disease Control have stated that 90% of doctor visits are for stress related problems. Do I have your attention yet? If you don’t think stress effects you, think again.

The CDC did not state the 90% were ‘type A’ workaholics, either. Rather, this statistic covers the entire population, from child to adult, from those seeking relief for the common cold to those struggling with degenerative disease. Whether your symptoms are physical, mental or emotional, whether you are blue collar, white collar, working, unemployed, with children, without children, single, married, divorced or widowed, whoever you are – and whether you feel it or not, stress is effecting you.

I should also mention, that taking a bubble bath, getting a massage, exercising, eating right, even meditation will do nothing to ‘turn off’ the program. This may surprise or even offend some to hear, but it has been my clinical observation this is a 100% accurate and truthful statement of fact, based on our clear, objective indicators as well as our results.

Alphabiotics represents a breakthrough in the science of stress. We now understand what stress looks like and how it may be released. If the process is engaged properly, participants experience not only stress recovery, but renewal of body, mind and spirit. TBC.

Kind Regards,

Clark Reddick, DA
Stress Relief and Recovery Specialist
The Boston Alphabiotic Center for Health and Wellness
617 930 2133

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