When should I come in for my free follow up?

*Due to the holidays, we are extending availability out to Dec 31st*. Generally, we recommend coming within 3 days of your test alignment (reboot) so we can see if you are maintaining strength and balance. If you are, Alphabiotics may do more for you than you ever thought imaginable! And don’t worry if you come after 3 days – an added session can provide the same information.

How fast will I get the desired result?

We have found roughly a 12:1 return from “the reboot”. In other words, each month spent in Alphabiotic balance appears to overcome the negative effects of approximately one year spent in an outer-reactive, energy wasting, stress state.

I felt achy, sore or experienced other unpleasant symptoms afterward. Does that mean it’s not working?

No! Your result is a very positive one. Please visit www.alphabioticsboston.org/corrective-changes  to learn more (password “stressrecovery”). While most people only notice improvements, about 10% will experience “corrective changes”.  They are typically mild and rarely last more than 24 hours. Remember, we are not turning off symptoms using drugs like a doctor – we are initiating a natural healing process. Sometimes our body feels worse before it starts feeling better.  For example, consider how your body feels the day after a workout!  The key is patience and maintaining Alphabiotic balance.  If you have any questions about corrective changes you may be experiencing, please phone our Center.

How much are additional sessions?

Our normal fee for ongoing care is $45. And it is possible for you to receive care for as little as $32 depending on your membership level. Call or text for more details.


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